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Anthologies and Boxsets:

Legacies of Love

The items we inherit are tangible symbols of what has gone before. Reminders of our family history, values, and relationships.

However, such articles are often temporary. They can be lost, stolen, or destroyed. But the love passed down is a living thing - a permanent legacy that never dies.

The stories in this collection all center around an heirloom. An artifact handed down from one generation to the next. Some are meant to protect, others to remind the character where they came from, or of the devotion handed down from the previous generation.
Each of them is part of a legacy of love.

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Sweet Candy Delights:(Flash Fiction Stories)

Immerse yourself in the sweeter side of Halloween with these fun short stories. These tales will fill your heart, warm your soul, and most definitely tantalize your sweet tooth! Join various authors as they bring you these heartfelt tales!

Holiday Chords

Various authors come together to bring you contemporary romance stories that tug on the chords of your heart with some holiday cheer. Cozy up on the couch with a warm blanket and a nice hot drink and delve into these romantic goodies.

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