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Standalone Books:

Sexy in PUrple E-book Cover.JPG
Sexy in Purple: An O! My Novel

When her group of friends decided to take their very vanilla friend to a fetish club for her bachelorette party, Lily Hamlin agreed to the location, even thought it was a great idea...until she actually got there. 
Carnal Knowledge is an upscale fetish club where colored wrist bands designate the wearer’s fetish of interest. Lily has chosen the purple band…the one for voyeurism. Might as well go for it, after all, there aren’t any strings attached at this place, right?

Back in the real world, Cason Oliver has it bad for Lily. Her friends have tried to set them up, but to no avail. But, one thing about Cason…he’d do just about anything to get the woman of his dreams. 
At Carnal Knowledge, Lily meets the dreamy, sexy Holden and all bets are off. After that night, Lily can’t think of anything else. 

Will Cason’s dream of being with Lily be squashed or will Lily get the surprise of her life?

Face in the Crowd

Jace DeLand is just tired. Tired of the groupies, the groping, the propositions. Tired of everything. Jace is the rhythm guitarist for Soul Harbor, a band who has been on a successful 20-year run and shows no signs of slowing down. Despite the success, something is missing. All of his other bandmates have gotten married and settled down, and he is tired of waiting patiently for his turn. He wants that kind of love, that someone special to spend his life with. But he’s almost given up hope.

Then, one night while on stage, he sees her. Her face in the sea of people grabs his attention and doesn’t let go. When she agrees to meet him backstage, his hopes are high, but it seems his reputation precedes him. Yes, he’s a rock star, but he’s over all of the bullshit that comes with it, he just has to figure out how to convince her of that. 

Laney Mason is perfect for him in every way, exactly what he’s been missing in his life. But can it really work between them? Whatever it takes, Jace won’t give up on his shot at love. 

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