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Black Hollow: Resurrecting His Love Book Cover
Resurrecting His Heart


 Julian Anders owns the Raven’s Call Mortuary in Black Hollow, Mass. Julian chooses to be behind the scenes in the mortuary and prefers his life to be the same…solitary. Truth is, this choice is a result of his curse.

Julian is a necromancer. He despises the curse and using his powers; powers that have cost him relationships in the past. Staying alone is the best way to protect himself…he won’t go through that sort of pain again. 

Jenner Channing’s grandfather has just passed away and something is off about his death. She doesn’t buy that it was of natural causes, and obviously, neither does the Medical Examiner. When Jenner asks for help to get to the bottom of her grandfather’s death, Julian and his employees, Ella and Deron (and the resident ghost, Agnes), jump in to help her find closure. 

The last thing Jenner expected was to find herself falling for Julian Anders. 
The last thing Julian expected was for Jenner Channing to capture his heart.

As the investigation unfolds, will the challenges prove to be too much for their budding romance or has Julian finally found someone to accept him, curse and all?

J. C. Layne puts her heart and pride in her writing and also into her fans.

Reviewer on Amazon

I just want to give this new author a shout out! Your book was rockin! Loved it very much and the characters were great. It really makes you envy what they have as friends. I see a long and great future ahead for JC Layne.

Reviewer on Amazon

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